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      Anhui Jisheng Electronics Co., Ltd., was established in 2006, is a set of high-frequency transformer skeleton products independent research Hair, manufacture and sales of integrated enterprise, formerly Shenzhen Baochengda Electronic Co., Ltd.In order to be able to serve customers in central China in a timely manner, the Company invested tens of millions of RMB in 2010 to set up a new 8000m2 headquarters and processing base in Hefei, Anhui Province To BOBBIN Nissan to expand to 2KK, as your transformer in the matching material on the best choice of suppliers.
      The company has dozens of fully automated production equipment and improve the quality control system; has a strong BOBBIN product design and development capabilities,A strong product manufacturing capacity. Companies in "good faith, pioneering and innovative, manufacturing quality" approach to serve the new and old customers, our customers have been a Consistent support and new customers gradually recognized; adhere to the "all to the interests of its clients" principle of the operation, rigorous approach, scientific management, innovative thinking, Advanced production technology to ensure that the product cost-effective optimization.
             The company already passed the ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system in 2011, passed the ISO14000 certification in 2017, and introduced the halogen-free Environmental control, to ensure that 100% of products meet ROSH requirements; We sincerely look forward to working with more related companies, together for China's electronic transformer industry Contribute to the development of.

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